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Re: kernel 2.2.18pre17-ben1 issues

> > > This for sleep on Core99 machines.
> > > hdparm -f -S 1 -Y /dev/hda
> > 
> > Known problem, this is the 'powerdown immediately, no questions asked'
> > command. If the machine recovers from the IDE resets, what's your problem?
> Hum, just that this is a bit scary... If that's harmless, OK.

It's harmless, and the only way to activate the disk after a powerdown. 

> > If the machine just hangs on wakeup, and the disks never come back up,
> > don't use pmud. Anyway, I'll remove Core99 support from pwrctl and pmud in
> > future releases, this seems to cause more confusion than anticipated.
> Just state in the documentation that it's something expected, and that
> it doesn't foobar you computer if you see these messages.

Well, it's mentioned in README.Debian as add-on feature, and the comment
in /etc/power/pwrctl explains that it's basically a 'hope-for-the-best'
strategy. I could add 'ignore IDE reset messages on wakeup' but who would
ever read that documentation? By disabling the feature, essentially no 
functionality is lost, users aren't confused, and I don't need to answer
'this is a known problem, read the docs and ignore'. Everyone wins.


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