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Re: Boot hangs on G4

>2.2.17 - and I found the problem, hda=noautotune
>MIght it not be wise to include a little warning with that chipset driver 
>that says something like "Warning, if system fails to INIT you may need 
>hda=noautotune option"
>Just a thought - it would have saved me a whole day of frustration. :)

Ah, so you have one of the first "Yikes" G4s with the "old" CMD646 chipset ? 

I'd be glad if you could give a try to the bitkeeper linuxppc_2_5 tree on
hq.fsmlabs.com (see penguinppc.org for more infos, the _2_5 tree is on
port 5005) and tell me if it works without the "noautotune".


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