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Re: Linux driver for AttoTech SCSI controller?

Thanks|Bedankt, Geert!

  You write:
> Which SCSI chip is used on your adapter? Unless Atto uses it's own custom
> chips, chances are high there already exists a Linux driver for this type of
> chip.

It's not Atto's own product, as it turned out. I enclose the reply I had
from AttoTech's Support. Maybe I should inquiry Apple's Support, but your
answer is useful and promising anyway. Now that I know that my G3 is a
"Beige G3" (it's not that I'm color-blind, just totally unfamiliar with
Apple's product terminology) I've one more clue to look for relevant info.

> `lspci' can also be very informative to tell you the chip type.

Right, had I my Debian running on that machine already! The problem is
precisely this one: at this moment, that G3 is under its own MacOS,
which proved unable to tell what hardware sits underneath (we had to
stop the server and open it up to find out the SCSI card model 8-(
We intend to replace MacOS with Linux, most preferably Debian, but
don't know whether that will work, because of this SCSI driver question.
We'd also like to expand the disk storage capacity, but that's only
sensible for the new intended use of the machine, and that requires
Linux too, so: we've got to answer the SCSI driver question first!


> Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 13:43:29 -0400
> From: techsupp@attotech.com
> To: Giuseppe Scollo <scollo@arena.sci.univr.it>
> Subject: Re: Linux drivers for ATTO SCSI controllers?
> Giuseppe,
>      Unfortunately the card you have is not a standard ATTO board. You
> happen to have an OEM ExpressPCI-PSC card designed specifically for Apple
> for use in the Beige G3 machines. We currently do not have Linux supported
> drivers for our stock PSC adapter, and at this time I do not have a time
> frame at which they may become available. I can tell you that when we do
> release any form of Linux drivers for our SCSI cards you should be able to
> get this card working. I can not guarantee that due to the fact that the
> support for this OEM board is handled by Apple.
>      Also just for your information I will be bringing this issue to the
> attention of a supervisor. We are closely monitoring the recent amount of
> requests for Linux drivers that we have received. Once we do release Linux
> drivers for our SCSI HBA's we will send you an Email informing you of the
> date at which you can obtain the drivers from our website.
>      Sorry that I could not be of more help to you at this time. Please
> feel free to contact me if you need anything further regarding this issue.
> Regards,
> Shaun Shattuck
> Technical Services Representative
> ATTO Technology (716)691-1999 Ext. 210

Dr. G. Scollo, University of Verona, DST, Software Engineering
scollo@arena.sci.univr.it    http://arena.sci.univr.it/~scollo

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