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Re: Problems with linux Suse 6.4 PPC

On Wed, Oct 25, lorenzo de vito wrote:

> I have many problems with installation of Suse 6.4 PPC, I have a Mac G3
> (B&W) with 256 MB Ram, 15 GB HD Maxtor with following partitions:
> 1) 30 MB /boot
> 2) 1000 MB /
> 3) 4000 MB /home
> 4) 128 MB SWAP
> 5) 30 MB HFS (Yaboot)
> 6) residual spaceHFS+ (MacOS)
> the installation return me an error with RPM and also formatting is too
> slaw.

This is proably the wrong list to ask about a SuSE installation ;)

Boot from CD (if possible) and use the "ide" config in yaboot.
All you ned is "ide0=noautotune". And dont forget to format your
partitions with ext2, thats a common mistake.

Gruss Olaf

 $ man clone

       Main feature not yet implemented...

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