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compile airport, dual boot


I'm currently having benh's kernel 2.2.17pre13-ben1 running. Thanks to
replies to an earlier question on how to insert it at boot time,
- copy it to /lib/modules/kernel-name/net
- insert 'options airport -f' in /etc/modules.conf
I was able to get my airport card to work in my Pismo. For various
reasons I'd like to switch to pre20-ben3. The options airport -f tells
insmod to use -f when inserting airport, I suppose - since the kernel it
was compiled for and the one it is to be used under differ. This works
well from the command line but fails for some reasons not obvious to me
at boot time. So I tried to compile it again, but failed spectacular
(due to my level of expertise). So the question is: what has to be done,
to get an arbitrary module source compiled together with the rest of the

Another thing,I came across might be of interest to people setting up
their PowerPC: The Linux on PowerPC FAQ-O-Matic
(lppcfom.sourceforge.net) has an article on "How do I install YDL on a
Pismo PowerBook". I quotes a script by benh

---- snip ----
      Linux/PPC Yaboot bootloader
      " get-key-map" " keyboard" open-dev $call-method
      dup 20 dump
       5 + c@ 08 = if
       " Booting Yaboot ..." cr " boot hd:10,yaboot" eval
       " Booting MacOS ..." cr " boot hd:9,\\:tbxi" eval
---- snap ----

which I like very much, since it allows to dual boot MacOS and Debian by
holding the space key. It has to be written in a file, this file then
has to be referenced within /etc/yaboot.conf using the magicboot=

btw: www.linuxppc.org evaluates to www.linuxppc.com and linuxppc.org
seems a bit outdated, since the link to the FAQ-O-Matic is broken. Is
there anything under way?

Greetings and thanks for helping on several occations

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