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Re: iMac network (BMAC) broken?


I've had this experience with my iBook, my iMac DV was unaffected.

Martijn van de Streek wrote:
> Today I discovered that my iMac has problem with NFS and/or the network
> driver.
> When doing TCP-transfers all is fine, but when doing heavy NFS stuff
> (loads of UDP, "./configure && make" on a medium-size project triggers
> the hang 90% of the time, for example), the network card suddenly stops
> responding.

If you check the output of ifconfig you'll see that only the "TX"
transmitting side was affected. You did not even say which version of
the kernel you were using. I reckon it is a 2.4.x-testx that you're
using. Switch back to 2.2 and you'll be alright.

> Starting pump is the only solution (it's the only program which knows how
> to make the driver/nic reset), even when running with a static IP address.
> How do I fix this?
> Martijn

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