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Re: Disabling Trackpad.

>Ok, but I'm not the maintainer.  In fact, it looks like Joel Klecker
>is listed as the maintainer....
>I'd be willing to take over this package, as soon as the DAM creates
>my account etc. (I'm almost through the NM process).
>Where do you put the upstream source for pmud.  I looked at the url
>listed in the debian/copyright file in the current debian package for
>pmud, and that just had version 0.7 with a trackpad.c w/o the 'status'

Well, I didn't know trackpad.c had a maintainer ;) In fact, I wrote this
little utility and posted it on my page a looong time ago, it has been
floating around since then.

We could probably package pmud & trackpad together as "pbook-utils" package.


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