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Re: qt2.2 and others: shared library linking errors

On Sunday 15 October 2000 12:34, you wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 08:04:18PM -0500, Kevin Puetz wrote:
> > I have a working libqt2.2 - I'll post it to southpole.penguinpowered.com
> > tonight for anyone who wants qt back :-)
> It should be fixed in unstable already.  Please TELL ME if it isn't.

Oops, actually this is was sent out that first night it broke - but due to my 
post on exim, I guess it finally went out when I downgraded exim and cleared 
the queue this morning :-)

The fact that it will have much lower mem usage than the one in woody still 
stands, it was built with a better set of compiler options that shave over 3 
megs from the lib and a meg of non-shared memory from each process using it. 
I've filed a bug with Ivan to get that changed in the official packages as 
well, and it's being done upstream (I'm told) in the next point release.

> > On a slightly unrelated note, is there any reason that kdeutils debs
> > aren't available for PowerPC? I ran the build through for them to see if
> > they weren't building, but didn't have any trouble with them, so now I'm
> > curious.
> Buggered build dependencies.  I'll nag Ivan about it.

OK. I was just missing being able to open tarballs right up in ark :-)

> Dan
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