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Re: qt2.2 and others: shared library linking errors

I have a working libqt2.2 - I'll post it to southpole.penguinpowered.com 
tonight for anyone who wants qt back :-)

as an added bonus, it's got exceptions removed (bug sent upstream to Ivan E. 
Moore to incorporate this) so removes about half of KDE2's base memory usage 
(it's binary compatible).

On a slightly unrelated note, is there any reason that kdeutils debs aren't 
available for PowerPC? I ran the build through for them to see if they 
weren't building, but didn't have any trouble with them, so now I'm curious.

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> It looks like we've been hit by a nasty little binutils bug; applications
> will often fail to link (at compile time) to things in .gnu.linkonce
> sections (e.g. templated code).  There should be a fix in a few days, and
> then we can try to sort out and rebuild the problem apps - I know at least
> qt2.2 is affected.
> Dan
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