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Re: 2.4 kernel

On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 09:57:41AM -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> You can also put root= at the top with timeout and partition to avoid

yeah i know, i just don't like it that way for some reason.  

> redundancy and repetition, and I also put at the top: init-message = "Booting
> Debian" (though that's only useful if the screen works as the output device).
> If you dual-boot, you might also want something like:
> image = "$bye"
>         label = bye

ah, i knew i had that syntax wrong...

though i would try 

image = "$boot /AAPL,ROM" 

to see if that works.  technically it should and would be more correct
then bye.  (and you never know maybe its really `bye' thats
responsible for resetting OF settings to defaults, disabling quik on
some machines)

> I have /boot pointing to a symlink (to an autofs device, no less), and it
> works just fine, though can't speak to whether e.g. "image=/vmlinux" would
> work if that is a symlink.  I know from the work it took to fix some of my
> symlink problems in quik that it works pretty hard to deal with them, and if
> it fails then that should be reported as a bug.

well like i said all my experience is second hand, and we went through
alot of black magic to get quik working, but i have seen that quik
tends to fail when /vmlinux or /boot/vmlinux is a symlink to the real
kernel.  i don't really want to report that as a bug without testing
it for myself though.  (you never really know WHAT the other guy is
really doing ;-))

> Quik question (ha ha :-): might there possibly be any hope of pointing to a

lame ;-)

> kernel on an IDE slave device?  I currently boot off a zip disk, since I got a
> new IDE drive in /dev/hdb to run Linux and would rather not mess with /dev/hda
> which MockOS is on.  (/dev/hdc is used by the CD.)  But it would be nice to
> just boot off /dev/hdb6 (my root partition).

i doubt it, quik uses OF calls to read the device, so if OF cannot
read your IDE disk then neither can quik.  think of it like the
wonderful limitations we have on i386 hardware BIOSes...

> Two other questions: does the new modutils (which searches
> /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers etc.) also work with old kernels?  And

no idea i would assume so, since debian does not mandate kernel
upgrades with the distribution, ie potato runs 2.0 kernels just fine.

> how stable is woody on PPC these days, now that the glibc fix is in?

i still see people bitching about libdb problems on -user but they are
supposed to be fixed so perhaps its user error or things still fscked
from the original breakage...  i don't know about ppc, i think i'll
stay away from woody for awhile longer though..  (i already miss
running the dev tree but i don't miss the daily 3 hour download ;-))

> Thanks for the rest of the tutorial, I hadn't heard of ofpath before!

not surprising, its pretty new.  i took Olaf's show_of_path.sh script
and rewrote it to work with a posix shell (ash anyway, it breaks with
ksh), and without all the usual utils which are missing from the boot
floppies and added oldworld support to it.  it works on all the major
oldworld machines, thanks to donations of shell accounts by several

Ethan Benson

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