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Mac & SuSE & Debian

Hello everybody,

I have a Mac G§ Blue&White and want to install Debian as well as SuSE for PPC on it. I'm using SuSE for a long time on a x86 Laptop (Toshiba) and everything works fine there, but I am completely new to Linux on PPC and Debian too ;-)

First, I "partitioned" the hard disk with the Mac-Tool, installed SuSE's yaboot and then SuSE .... went wrong: The System frozes completely when it comes to load the packages during the installation process. Then I tried to install Debian (potato) but never got out of the installation routine: after choosing "simple" as well as "advanced" mode, I find myself 5-6 steps "Do you want md5 passwords..." For a 1/100 second I could see an information like "segmentation fault" during this "jumping back" but what does that mean? So I tried SuSE again and again ... and two days ago: it worked. But trying to install new packages onto the running system leads to the same "freezing" effect as mentioned above.

During the dozens of reboots (I really felt like back in Windows-World ;-) the Mac system must have get damaged: It doesn't start anymore, though its remains are still on the HD. I want to reinstall it on monday and then also install Debian, so I could use 3 OS on this machine: we want to create a MySQL-DB under Linux and run it on a small group of boxes here in the institute. Later on it shall be presented on the internet ... And I thougt, using the G3 (instead of older x86 boxes) as the DB-server with a very stable Debian would be the best choice - isn't it?

How do I have to configure yaboot for that?
Does anybody know why it is so horrible to use Linux on that G3 at all or had the same problems and fixed them?

Thanks for any suggestions ... and a good weekend to everybody.


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