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XFree 4 status on powerpc

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Sergio Brandano wrote:

> ... I forgot to mention that the version is 3.3.6-11.
> I would like to know something about version 4. It is
> not on packages yet. How are things going there?

The latest phase2 test packages work great on my PowerPC box. If you want
to help test XFree 4 on Debian/PPC, you can apt-get the packages from:

deb http://samosa.debian.org/%7Ebranden/ woody/powerpc/

These are for testing only, so don't expect them to be stable or even
functional. Don't file bugs or build packages against them. Be ready to
help track down any problems you find. Feedback should go to the debian-x
mailing list.

Read the debian-x list archives for more information, especially the
latest status report from the maintainer:


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