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Re: porting troubles

> > Wine so the code may be unportable. There's still enough in the way of
> > windowmanager-Corel interaction to make you cry).
> Using wine as a porting library is not x86 specific. Companies could use it to 
> quickly port to Linux, testing the response from the community and then doing a 
> real port. I'm sure Corel could port Wordperfect to PPC/Linux just by running 
> "make". (They also used an abstraction layer to port Wordperfect to MacOS).

Using Wine _is_ x86 specific in the sense that Wine emulates enough of the
Windows low level API to let x86 code including DLLs run on Linux. To my
knowledge, there is no port of Wine to another architecture. You cpould
argue Wine can be run under some x86 emulator - does making Windows apps
run on VirtualPC constitute a Linux port?

Anyway, the point is moot (yet).


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