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Installation of Linux debian 2.2 on a powermac 7500

I have to install debian linux 2.2 on a powermac 7500. I've begin the
installation, and until the reboot, all was correct. Then, in view to
continue the installation, I should reboot my computer. I do this, set the
device of boot (scsi-int/sd@0:3/vmlinux-2.2.17). Until this point, all
seems to be OK.

The trouble is : when the kernel start, it try to open the display (the
graphic hardware in fact), but it can't. And the start process stop.

I dont know what doing.

If you have some idea, please contact me.

Thanks for all help

            Benoit MARCHAL
            Ingenieur Systemes et Reseaux - CNS - CRPHT
            Tel : +352 42 59 91 211
            E-mail : benoit.marchal@crpht.lu

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