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Re: CD-R Bootable?

Hi Ethan, 

Ok, first off that should have read 20GB... oops.

I'm totally confused.  I've sucessfully (re-)loaded OS9 a few times, done a
whole bunch of partitioning and I think I'm still missing something.

Let me list off what I *think* I need to do to use yaboot/ybin for dual
(eventually triple) boot and maybe someone can straighten me out.

I can't get you the output of mac-fdisk right now without typing the output
from notes or something, so I'll try to give enough information -- hopefully
I'll be detailed enough.

I used the Apple partitioning tool to make a small HFS partition of about
185 MB up front (/dev/hda10 when I get to mac-fdisk).  The idea here is to
delete it later and create both the 800K Apple_Bootstrap partition and a
Linux swap partition.

The next partition is the standard "Macintosh HD" HFS+ partition for MacOS9.

And then a large unallocated space (this is the approximately 20GB left over
after giving up the small 175MB partition and an approximately 9.8GB
partition to MacOS9).


Now here's where I'm confused.

I then boot the Debian-PowerPC CD using the information given earlier about
telling OpenFirmware how to start the CD boot... and that works great.

I make my way through the usual Debian install, and when I get to the disk
partitioning I have a couple of problems.

First -- I delete the HFS partition that's up front (/dev/hda9) and use "C"
to create a partition named "Apple_Bootstrap" that's 800K by telling it to
use 1600 blocks.  **Question 1: What "type" should I tell mac-fdisk to make
this, and where did I miss this in the docs?**

So I've tried a few different options there ... but I can't really tell if I
have done it correctly due to the rest below:

Next I try to create a swap partition with the leftovers from the 175MB.

**Same question as above.  Does the name matter?  And what "type" should it
be?  I've tried a number of combinations, but the Installer never sees it as
a Swap partition.**

Then I create my partitions for Linux... actually I'm doing a no-no since
this is just a single-user machine, I'm creating a single root partition to
hold everything.  (Yes, I know better, but I'm still in a learning mode
here... I'll probably re-do all of this in a few days anyway, once I have
the process down.  Especially since I want to write up a little loading
Debian Linux on iMac's HOWTO type doc once I have a better grasp on this
stuff... I'll need better notes to do that.)

So /dev/hda11 becomes a 10GB Linux partition by using the "c" command in
mac-fdisk.  /dev/hda10 is the MacOS9 partition.  It's called "Debian_Root".

Okay, once we're back in the installer, I initialize that partition and
continue with the install as per usual Debian... no problems there.  In
fact, I think I even have a good idea what different kernel modules I'll
need, etc... I'll have to read the kernel docs/source to make sure I
understand what the options all are there when I get to writing docs.

Then since I read that obviously qwik isn't for this machine, at the last
step "Make bootable from CD", I jump out to a shell and start playing with
ybin trying to get it to get me set up to use the Apple_Bootstrap partition
as my jumping off point for Debian FUN!  :)

At this point, all I can seem to get it to do is give me "Error creating
configuration file" and other errors, depending what options I pass it.
Others include "Not enough space on partition."... Can ybin be run
successfully from the shell in the installer where running from RAM disk?

Since the hard disk is still mounted as /target at this point, I'm sure I'm
missing something about how to set up /target/etc/yaboot.conf -- and I'm
betting that with all the other various confusion I'm having, something else
is wrong anyway...

So I'm stuck, but trying!  :)

Any hints would be great.  I'm going to go read Ethan's docs again and see
what makes sense now that didn't an hour ago.  That's usually how my
learning style works...


on 10/1/00 8:01 PM, Ethan Benson at erbenson@alaska.net wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 11:47:45AM -0600, Nate Duehr wrote:
>> Repartitioned the drive with Apple's tool to have a small partition up
>> front for the boot gymnastics, an HFS+ partition for OS9, and a bunch
>> (20 MB) of unallocated space to put other toys in (OS X, Linux).
> actually you want a large HFS partition at the start that will reserve
> all the space you want for debian, this partition you delete with
> mac-fdisk.
> drive setup creates the wrong type of partition unsuitable for
> bootstrap since macos will ruin it.
> and i think 20MB is not enough space for OSX or GNU/Linux ;-)
> so add up the space you want for debian, create the first HFS
> partition using that number, then create your macos partition and
> anything else.
> then in mac-fdisk delete that first HFS partition and create the 800K
> Apple_Bootstrap and the rest of your ext2 partitions.  

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