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Re: Yikes G4/400Mhz freezes at init

>> Hopefully the search engines get ahold of this thread so that people
>can find
>> it easier.  Did you happen to know why this argument is needed?
>I think it's because no one found out how to set DMA mode properly on that
>chipset. Must have to do with the way it's documented, again.

The problem is more complicated. There's a bunch of revisions of this
chipset (with bad docs) and more or less bogus hardware. For example,
some revs can only do U/DMA safely wiht a HW modification (and no way for
SW to know about it) and with some Quantum drives.
The current 2.4 driver (cmd64x.c) is supposed to handle most (all) revs
of the chipset, unfortunately, it dies horribly on B&W G3s. I don't have
one of those box to look at the problem. There are at least 3 revs of it
used on Macs, one is the original B&W G3, the B&W G3 rev. 2, and the
Yikes. AFAIK, they all have different revs of this chip.


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