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Re: Embedded Debian (was: compaq iPaq)

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000 09:22:12 Glenn McGrath wrote:

> hmm, im not sure its practical to create extra binary packages, wouldnt
> it be more effective to exclude files from regular packages as its
> installed.

I was suggesting that the script would create them on-the-fly -- they
wouldn't reside anywhere as such.
> It could use an external script like you mention in your second point.
> You could have some sort of wrapper around dpkg to do it, would be
> easier than creating new tools, new packages.

That's the sort of thing I meant, yeah.  I suggested the existence of a
tool which would handle all this sort of thing to create a whole
filesystem, or individual small packages which could be transferred onto
an embedded system and `dpkg -i'ed.


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