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Re: list archives/X server setup

"G" == unit3  <unit3@accesscomm.ca> writes:

   G> Hi, Is there anyway I can look through the list archives?

Earlier this month, I said the following in response to someone
else asking about archives of the list:

   CMC> See <http://lists.debian.org/>.  There's a link right on
   CMC> the front page of www.debian.org.

   CMC> Your best bet, however, is probably doing a search on
   CMC> Google that includes ``debian-powerpc'' with the terms
   CMC> describing your problem.

If Debian's archives are broken for some reason (they're
definitely slow to update), the first bit isn't that helpful.  But
the second bit may be -- there are a couple of other places that
archive Debian lists, and they're also searchable.


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