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Re: Mouse and key board

Cameron <hiryu@transvirtual.com> writes:

> My mouse buttons are mixed up (3 button ps/2 logitech).
> THe right mouse button does what the middle mouse button should be doing.
> Oddly enough, mouse wouldn't work unless I set the XF86Config file to look
> to the adbmouse device and BusMouse protocol in spite of the factthat it's
> in a ps/2 port... 

Is it? What's your hardware? 
BM is correct for ADB mice unless you're running a very recent kernel
with the new unified USB stuff that is supposed to replace the ADB
driver in the future. 

> Oh well, go figure. So how can I remap the mouse
> buttons.

gpm can remap keys. 
> Ok, now I get some weird activity from the delete key on my keyboard, it
> doesn't delete the way it's supposed to. It won't back up for delete, it
> only deletes on the space it's currently on (I hope this is making sense).

Don't know, there's no Delete key on my PB's kbd. 


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