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Re: My install on a G4 400 from internet Howto

On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 01:18:17PM +0200, micha@kovoks.nl wrote:
> Short howto to install Debian on a G4 400 from the internet without floppy.
> With much help from the pages from Adam Sjogren 
> (http://www.koldfront.dk/staff/asjo/text/debian-ibook.html)
> I'll tel how I did install Debian potato on a G4 400.
> 1. partition the harddisk. I made 4 partitions.
>    1 - 32 MB for bootstrap (apple disktool couldn't create smaller) (hd:9)
>    2 - 6 GB for MacOs (hd:10)
>    3 - 1.5 GB for Data (hd:11)
>    4 - 1.5 GB for Linux (hd:12)

this is why you should use the macos partitioner to create just 2
partitions: the first being the total space you wish to allocate to
linux, the second for macos itself.  then after you boot into the
debian installer use the linux fdisk to delete the first HFS
placeholder partition and recreate the bootstrap and linux partitions

this works better anyway since apple's partitioner does not create
linux partitions very well.

Ethan Benson

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