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Re: X Free

Cameron <hiryu@transvirtual.com> writes:

> Woohoo! Finally got X up and helix/gnome is tolerable with a single buton
> mouse (I'm getting a 3 button ps2 anyway).

Congratulations! You know that you can map mouse buttons to keys, do
you? You will have to use kernel arguments like adbuttons=103,108 or
so. To find out about keycodes on the consoles, use "showkey".

> The backspace key (delete too) doesn't work in X. Now what needs fixing?
> Does anyone know? Backspace works fine in the console.

Modify /etc/X11/Xmodmap. The corresponding line for my German keyboard
keycode 0x3B =  BackSpace
To find out what keycodes your keys generate on X, use "xev". 

Andre Berger <andre.berger@topmail.de> from Bonn, Germany

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