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Re: Helix Gnome for Debian/PPC available

Hadess wrote:

> > > It is finally available, Helix GNOME is avaiable as .deb on
> > > http://idorulabs.free.fr
> > >
> > > Add the given lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list and get it !!!
> > >
> > > Please report me any problem you encounter.
> >
> > I wanted to finally check out evolution and did a 'apt-get install
> > evolution'.
> > But it didn't work, dying with an error about CORBA. So I also installed
> > orbit, and it started! So I guess it should depend on orbit >= 0.5.2
> > (?), the
> > old orbit was 0.5.0-5 .
> >
> > And now it still doesn't really work, the menus don't react on clicks
> > and most
> > buttons don't do anything either - is this the expected behaviour of the
> > current evolution? Or am I still missing something?
> Although Evolution is not feature-full, let alone bugfree, it should at
> least respond to clicks and such. Did you install all the libraries that go
> with evolution (gtkhtml, bonobo, gnome-vfs, unicode) or just evolution ?

Just evolution. AFAIR bonobo, gnome-vfs and unicode were drawn in
automatically by APT, but not gtkhtml (nor libglade, which turned out to be
the culprit).

It seems that some of the packages' dependencies need versioning information.


PS: Thanks for the packages! Evolution has already proved valuable: It could
download an attachment from an IMAP server w/o problems where Netscape
Messenger failed. :)

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