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Re: Downloading Debian from European Sites


 ... I received a few messages of reply, that are clearly missing
 the point. The point is that servers in Europe are slow. It is
 not a problem of my connection for sure. I really do not know 
 how fast it is, I will ask, but is good enough to note the
 difference when connecting to these sites.

 The site I used to connect to is www.uk.debian.org, which is fast.
 I was worried about using it, as xtraceroute reported it as being
 a site in the east coast of the USA (I had to make a snapshot of it,
 as the program is currently having difficulties in locating the site),
 and all such connections come with a connection fee.
 I have now received a message from the owner of open.hands.com
 stating that his machine is hosting www.uk.debian.org and is in
 London's Docklands. So, is xtraceroute broken?  If you have an
 explanation, let me know about it. Anyway, I believe the word of
 the owner, and I am now connecting to his site again.


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