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Re: kernel-2.2.17pre11 boots without display on G4

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 08:51:14PM +0200, BjXrn Ola Smievoll wrote:
> Just upgraded my kernel to 2.2.17pre11 (from 2.2.17pre5) and my
> sawtooth now longer gets my console going.  I can ssh inn from
> another machine after it has booted, but the display just shows the
> initial screen 'Welcome to Linux, kernel 2.2.17 [...] booting...'
> My dmesg contains this line:
> Jul 18 20:21:38 mu kernel: atyfb: Unknown mach64 0x0001
> Did someone forget to include aty128fb when they compiled the kernel,
> or can I do some tricks with yaboot.conf (or something else) to enable
> the aty128fb driver?
> Anyways; how do I downgrade to 2.2.17pre5 again?  (I'm new to debian
> and dselect).

Unfortunately, the packages aren't there any more.

So... Aack! is all I can say, I don't know how in hell this happened. 
Cort's BitKeeper tree has ATY128 disabled.  I'm trying to figure out
why, and whether I can enable it again.  Give me a day or two.


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