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Re: G4, debian, and Cinema Display

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >   I've got debian linux running wonderfully on a G4 - eventually I'll
> >write up a howto and send it on, as I didn't find any documents that
> >covered the G4 entirely, but anyways.
> >
> >  I convinced the boss to get a cinema display for SIGGRAPH, which is
> >really cool, but I can't get the standard ATI 128 frame buffer to kick
> >in and display anything to the cinema display. Does anyone have a modedb
> >entry to get the cinema display to work?
> I'm not sure aty128fb will correctly setup the LVDS output. I once had
> the proper timmings for this screen but I'm afraid I can't find them any
> more..

Can't you launch MacOS on the cinema and boot Linux using offb instead of



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