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Re: compiling kernel

Josh wrote:

> Compiling the kernel seemed to go ok.  Rebooted fine.  When I tried to install
> PCMCIA stuff, some weird things happened.  Such as:
> module directory:
> /lib/modules/ /pcmcia not found

That's pretty weird.  I am not aware of any misconfiguration that would easily spit
that out, but that doesn't mean much.  Where did you get the kernel source?  If you
have a good net connection, I would recomend rsync'ing with Paulus' stable tree (or
BenH's tree if you are running a Pismo or iBook).  Check the LinuxPPC list archives
for a lot of good information on rsync (http://lists.linuxppc.org).

> This message came up a few times during the end of PCMCIA 'make install' (man probe
> then that, dep mod then that etc).  A /lib/modules/ directory does
> exist.

Hmm.....something is definately odd with the paths somewhere in the make scripts...
If you don't feel comfortable checking out and finding where the problem is, I would
get a new tarballs of the source.

--Nelson Abramson

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