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RE: Booting your PowerMac (from the HD, without MacOS)

> Matt,
> I strongly recommend you get the LinuxPPC User's Manual, available
> as a PDF file at
> <http://www.linuxppc.com/support/guide/UserGuide_Feb2000.pdf>.
> The people writing that manual (especially Wesley Joe, although
> I'm not sure if he's still working on it) have gathered up a lot
> of information about the boot process, and have tables showing
> what Open Firmware settings are necessary for most models of
> PowerMacs supported by the current Linux port.

Yup, I found that a while back, and they have a rather convulted method
involving tricking the MacOS into setting the boot settings for you.
However, you still have to have an HFS partition, and MacOS.  I'm trying to
find a way to boot oldworld macs *without* MacOS.  I'll document everything
I can find, but I'd like to see Debian (or just linux for that matter) be
able to boot oldworld macs without Apple intervention :)

The document is pretty good, they mention newworld installation, and of
course the bootx method, but that's all for old world...

So, I'll keep looking and trying, but yes, this will make it into whatever I
end up writing up.

Thanks again,

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