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Re: Java development on debian ppc

"SB" == Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@debian.org> writes:

   Me> I grabbed the 1.2.2 RC 4 release of the Java Development Kit

   SB> It is even more non-free than JDK 1.1 so I would never use
   SB> it myself.

   SB> The best solution, IMHO, is to install kaffe and to tell
   SB> jikes to use kaffe's classes. that way, you have a 100 %
   SB> Free Java:

Following your suggestion, I took a look at Kaffe's Web site and
downloaded the source tar file.  There are some showstopping
problems with Kaffe on PowerPC:

1. Compatibility.  Kaffe isn't as up-to-date as the Sun/Blackdown
   JDK, which means that applications using the latest and
   greatest technologies won't work.  Kaffe only supports JDK 1.1
   (but not completely), with some JDK 1.2 features;
   Sun/Blackdown's JDK is 1.2.2.

2. Convenience.  Kaffe isn't available as a binary package for
   PowerPC.  They do have Debian packages (unlike Blackdown), but
   only for the i386 architecture.  The Kaffe folks also aren't
   making the Debianized source available to allow users to easily
   create debs for their own systems.

3. Compilability.  Kaffe simply doesn't build on PowerPC Linux
   systems (their PowerPC port seems to be based on their SPARC
   port, and isn't nearly complete).

That means that presenting Kaffe as a free alternative to the
Sun/Blackdown JDK on PowerPC is a false lead -- since Kaffe
doesn't support the same standards, isn't easily obtainable for
non-i386 systems, and can't be compiled on PowerPC without a fair
amount of work, it's not an option for people who need a Java
development environment on PowerPC *today*.


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