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Re: Mac-On-Linux - elf32_getehdr failed

"C.M. Connelly" wrote:
> "KW" == Kent West <westk@nicanor.acu.edu> writes:
>    KW> Thanks! That's a lot of good info. Do you reckon I'd be
>    KW> better off going to 2.2.17 now, or is 2.2.16 acceptable
>    KW> enough to keep using it?
> Alan said (in his diary, <http://www.linux.org.uk/diary/>)
>    June 11th
>    Built and released 2.2.17pre1, the 2.2.16 errata, Linux
>    2.4.0-test1-ac14 and Linux 2.4.0-test1-ac15.  Kind of a busy
>    day.  The errata btw fix the Bugtraq lockd hang if anyone has their
>    lockd port publically available.  The TCP bug is also worth having
>    the fix for.  This is a 'get the errata' hint.  If you have a
>    sparc or want 16bit character corrections then get 2.2.17pre1
>    instead.
> so at the least I think you'd want to apply the errata patch and
> rebuild your kernel. 


> I usually back up my .config file (in /usr/src/linux) to some
> meaningful name (such as /usr/src/linux-2.2.17p5-config), then
> copy it back to /usr/src/linux/.config after unpatching,
> repatching, and doing a `make mrproper' (which, among other
> things, wipes the existing .config file).  Then I do a `make
> oldconfig', which uses my .config file as the base and scans
> through looking for new stuff to ask me about, almost none of
> which are ever things I want.  Once that's done, I might do a
> `make menuconfig' to make sure things look right, and then do
> `make dep' and `make vmlinux' (followed by `make modules').
> I usually have several different kernels available to boot from,
> so if I have a problem, I can fall back to a known working kernel.
> I hope that we'll see some improvements in the way that the kernel
> configuration process works with Eric Raymond's CML2 stuff --
> one of the easiest mistakes to make when compiling kernels for
> PowerMacs, at least, is to include support for PC equivalents of
> PowerMac hardware (especially serial ports, though also mice,
> parallel ports, and some other stuff) that you shouldn't even be
> able to see, let alone select.
>    CMC
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Thanks for the info. I went ahead and upgraded to 2.2.17;
everything seems fine (except MOL goes to a black screen, but
that's another topic).


Kent West

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