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Re: G4 Speaker

David Brown wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 11:29:59AM -0500, uriel wrote:
> > Does anyone know how to disable the internal speaker on G4s, so only the external
> > ones that I have connected will emit sound?
> aumix will let you set the volumes of the internal and external speaker
> independently.

And for a graphical version, there's gmix, and I'm sure others.

FYI, to make the gnome mixer applet control the internal and external speakers, you
can apply the attached patch to gnome-core.  It seems this is useful for a lot of
Powermacs (and Netwinders?), which have decent sound from internal speakers; but not
so useful for PCs, whose dreadful internal speakers are used only for beeps. :-)
Nonetheless, I've submitted it to the BTS as a wishlist bug.

When potato is released, I'll put up a webpage with this and other patches that help
stuff work better on PPC and ARM (like Kerberos!).


-Adam P.

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