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Re: sound works for root only...

On Sat, 24 Jun 2000, Cyril Niklaus wrote:

> I've been recompiling my kernel like crazy these last few days (btw
> thanks again for the help Andre) to get my sound working.
> Nothing was doing it, it beeped ok, but xmms was complaining about the
> fact that it cannot open audio, the sound card not being configured or
> something else.
> But in fact I have the right sound modules compiled fine, and I just
> noticed by pure luck that the sound *is* working, but when I'm root...
> Do you people have any ideas where the permissions are wrong? (since
> it's obviously something along those lines)

Check the permissions on /dev/dsp, /dev/audio, etc. They should have rw
permissions for the group "audio"; the easiest solution is to add yourself
to this group.

If you want to change the permission or ownership, don't do it by hand.
Instead, edit the audio permission line in /dev/MAKEDEV and then cd /dev;
./MAKEDEV audio (maybe it's called "sound" instead of audio; I can't
remember). This will change all of the appropriate devices at once and
make sure they stay that way.

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