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Re: apache

Be sure the loopback is enabled.

Either put the lines
	#! /bin/sh
	ifconfig lo
into /etc/init.d/network (the pre-2.2 style)

or the make sure the line
	iface lo inet loopback
is not commented out in /etc/network/interfaces.

/etc/hosts should contain:       localhost       yourMachine.domain.com
	xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx	  yourMachine.domain.com   yourMachine
You can add
	yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy   anotherMachine.another.dom   anotherMachine
and can 'ssh anotherMachine' as shortcut to 'ssh
anotherMachine.another.dom' etc.

/etc/hostname would be:

Restart the machine once the settings are correct.


Joshua Holland <jholland3@uswest.net> writes:

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> I'm trying to learn apache.  When I run it I get
> 'Apache: Cannot determine local hostname'
> Does the hostname have to be set up with my service provider or something?
> I set the ServerName directive to my hostname.domain.com (hostname is 
> what's in my /etc/hostname file, and I have a domain name set up).
> Are there certain criteria for what the hostname in /etc/hostname can be?
> And what is /etc/hosts?
> Help please.
> Thank you.
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