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Re: stack overflow during install on iBook

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 07:40:45 Stephen Judd wrote:

> 2. Put the yaboot binary and an uncompressed kernel in the top level of the
> drive.
> 3. Edit yaboot.conf. I used the one at the Yellow Dog Linux site as a model.
> You need to figure out what OF calls your boot drive. I used BBEdit to make
> sure that I didn't screw up the line endings under MacOS. (BBEdit rocks,
> btw).
> 4. Boot into OF, and type the magic phrase:
> boot hd;x,yaboot
> where x is the number of your drive. Do not put a space after the comma,
> like your fingers want to, or OF will get confused.


Too early in the morning.


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