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Re: Platinum palette weirdness

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 06:14:00PM +0100, David Given wrote:
> I've finally managed to find a Mac <> VGA adaptor. After fiddling with the DIP 
> switches I've finally managed to get this rather nice Belinea monitor running 
> at 1152x870 in 8-bit mode.
> Unfortunately, the palette is gibberish under X. Everything appears in shades 
> of yellow. If I force xv to do perfect-colours, then the palette doesn't 
> change when I move the mouse pointer into the window; so I suspect that 
> something's ignoring all palette-change commands.
> This is a Mac 8200/120, Platinum chipset, BootX with no video driver, 
> framebuffer X.
I could be wrong, but I think the OF fb driver doesn't allow palette
changes.  I could be wrong though...


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