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debian ppc bafflement?

Hi there,

Im pretty new to debian ppc but not debian itself I should start by saying before I explain how confused its gotten me on a ppc =) I have successfully gotten it working on x86, sparc and alpha so im really embarassed about this *grin*

Question: whats up with the installer?

Ive been playing around with an installer from potato and it has me a bit puzzled really.

What is happening is that its getting to the very early and boring point where it says that i need to partition the hdd, which i do so, then it wont play ball. It says that there is no suitable partition to install.

Here are a couple of attempts at fooling it ive made.

1: used the fdisk on the debian unofficial potato cd image and tried type of Linux, Linux Native, linux, linux native ext, its kinda odd

2: installed linuxppc and booted it just to check that it really was actually partitioned and formatted appropriately, no problems there

3: popped the debian cd back in and unpacked the base.tgz over the partition and booted it a few times just for fun, mostly into single user mode.

If anyhow has an idea of whats going on, or for that matter are familar on how to actually get the debian installer to run conned after booting off the kernel image on the hdd it would be appreciated. Im not familiar enough with the debian installer scripts to get the lot going after i unpack the base and become faced with some message about having the wrong disk image in and need to reboot and proceed to 'configure base system'.



ps: the spot where you can get the installer to show you the partition shows it as unknow or something handy when its definately ext2

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