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Re: yaboot boot variables

On  5 Jun, Ethan Benson wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 02:06:36PM -0600, telkis@americanisp.com wrote:
>> I am trying to boot an iBook with a bootable Debian PowerPC CD (image
>> date 5-30-00). When the CD stars, the yaboot message comes up fine. Then
>> as the operating systems starts to come up (at about where I think the
>> installation screen should come up), the screen freaks out with black
>> and blue vertical bands. I think all I need to do is pass the kernel
>> some sort of video parameter through yaboot. How does one pass
>> parameters to the kernel at the yaboot screen?
> sounds like you need to pass video=ofonly (i think thats right) you
> should be able to do that like so:
> when you see the yaboot boot: prompt like this:
> Welcome to yaboot 0.6
> boot:
> type the following:
> debian video=ofonly
> that `should' work.
Thanks! That worked perfectly. Now the Mac OS can leave my laptop for
good. The cdrom install does have an installation flaw. The base
installed fine but when it came to run dselect 'apt' the system didn't
see the cdrom. I had to manually run MAKEDEV hdc. After that everything
installed fine.

-Frank Stine

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