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Re: Linux/PPC: RS232 with new PowerBook.

Michel Dänzer wrote:

> Brendan J Simon wrote:
> >
> > I have replaced an intel laptop with a new PowerBook (USB & Firewire).
> > I used to use minicom to to communicate with an embedded system and wish
> > to do the same with my PowerBook.  The problem is that the PowerBook
> > does not have an RS232 port.
> > I assume there is something that will convert USB to RS232 and I would
> > like some recommendations for Linux supported devices.
> If you can connect a modem to the embedded system and initiate a connection,
> you could link it to the PowerBook's modem :)

It's pssible but not really an elegant solution.  The embedded system is made up
of multiple CPU boards.  One of them has a DB9 connection at the front panel but
the others have internal header connectors.

I have been made aware of a product from www.keyspan.com which has 2 mini-din8
connectors on it.  An Apple reseller told me about it and I assume it is a USB
based device.  I can't remember the mini-din8 electrical specs but I don't think
they have true RS232 signal levels (ie. +/-12volt).  I think they might have TTL
levels (0/5volt) but none the less I'm sure that an ordinary serial cable from
mini-din8 to DB9 will work, though I would prefer a similar unit with true RS232
i/o using DB9 (or DB25) connectors.

Anyone know how I would use such a device from a Linux/PPC powerbook ?
Would I need a new kernel and/or have to write my own drivers for it ?


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