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Re: Problem with startup (oldworld PPC 604e based )

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 11:08:15AM +0400, Mikhail Provoroff wrote:
> After configuring OF boot-device by nvsetenv ppc don't want start at all (black screen and nothing alse).
> How can i fix this problem?

well this could mean several things:

1) your boot-device is wrong in which case OpenFirmware just barfs, but given
the (likely) lack of a video driver for OF you don't see any errors.
if you have a beige G3 you might be able to set the output device to
your video card and interface with OF from the console.  otherwise you
will need to setup a serial terminal to access OF.  

2) your boot device is correct but quik is misconfigured or broken you
would need to access OF and see what quik is doing/saying to
determine the best course of action. 

3) your kernel is broken and non-quik bootable, a friend of mine with
a 7200 cannot boot 2.2.15 with quik (cannot try bootx) [i am not sure
if this is anything to do with quik or not]

if you just want to get back to macos hold down the command option p r
keys while cold booting the mac and keep holding them down until it
reboots itself at least twice.  this will reset the OF variables back
to defaults (/AAPL,ROM) which will boot macos.  

to fix quik you will likely have to reconfigure OF to display on the
console, or setup a serial terminal so you can see what is going on.
i will leave that to people with oldworld hardware (who will know how
to do this better then i)

Ethan Benson

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