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Re: Can't make Debian bootable from HDD.

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 10:44:59PM +0400, Alexandr wrote:
> Hi!
> I install debian 2.2.15 from floppies on clear hdd (without any OS). The last step of installation (Make Linux Bootable Directly From Hard Disk) reports no errors, but asks no questions. After redooting debian don't want boot from HDD.
> How can i make it boot from HDD?

all that does is install quik, you still have to modify OpenFirmware
to boot it.  

first you have to figure out what OF path your hard disk is, this is
unfortunatly not a easy task on oldworld hardware (or for that matter
newworld) on a 7200 its something like this:


where the first 0 is scsi id, and second is partition number (zero is
used to boot quik) 

> HDD is Quantum Fireball lct 10 15 14324M. 
> PPC looks like 604e based with PCI (i don't know exactly cause it's 'noname' machine)

scsi or IDE?  

once you know the OF path you need run this command in linux:

nvsetenv boot-device scsi/sd@0:0

where scsi/sd@0:0 is your real OpenFirmware path for the hard disk in

this really needs to be documented a bit better, the newworld/yaboot
stuff is OK, but quik needs more up to date docs...  (i don't have a
oldworld, quik capable machine so i can't tinker much with it)

Ethan Benson

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