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JFS for PowerPC Linux

Hi All,

  I had some time this past week to try this out. JFS is the Journalled
System technology from IBM that we've open sourced. This is the same as
what AIX
has. (Minus the logical volume manager)

  It's still in a "pre-alpha" state but you can create the file system,
read and
write files into it so from that perspective it's mighty cool. But don't
go and put
your valuable data into it just yet!  And hey if you feel like jumping
in and
helping out, it'd be great.

  Take a gander at oss.software.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/linux.
want the patch for PowerPC linux and the 0.0.7 version of the code. I
was on a
2.3.99-pre9 kernel / yellow dog 1.2 setup when I was playing with it but
hopefully for you debian folks it'll just work.



Tom Gall
IBM Linux Technology Center, PowerPC Linux Team
w) tom_gall@vnet.ibm.com
h) tgall@uswest.net

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