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installer for IBM PReP machines (monitor output)


I build an installer for IBM PRePs.  
The zImage from Kernel2.2.14 patch with e15fb combines ramdisk image.
That is able to boot from CDR and TFTP.

Install screen comes out from VGA monitor.
I cannnot see the screen with installer for PReP.  
(maybe for PowerStack)

This tested by PowerSeries830 with zImage boot..
I installed Debian-ppc on the IDE disk of the machine.
That works well with framebuffer, XF68_FBdev also works well.

Best regards.
Kaz Aoshima = Editor of the PReP station
Material development, Faculty of engineering, 
Tohoku University, Japan
#I would appreciate if you could give me suggestions
 for my impolite English expressions.

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