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 Hi Joseph,

> I also found this kind of annoying.  And as far as I can tell, APM
> doesn't show everything.  This is why I wrote a plugin for GKrellM
> that, using PMUD, displays battery status in a window.

 You are right. I have dropped my interest on apmd since I discovered
 gkrellm-pmud. And I have been advertising it on (my) PB page too, as
 you probably know.

> Its almost as good as Batmon, but smaller.

 I find gkrellm way better than Batmon. Why do you say ``almost''?
 Why is Batmon still better than gkrellm-pmud? (it results to me that
 the underlying code was written by Paul...)

 It would be a good thing, however, to have a unified monitoring
 system despite the hardware. I mean Intels are based on apm, PPCs are
 based on pmu, but do applications need to know it?


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