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Re: Debian pmud package available

> OK, the Debian package plus diff/changes/dsc stuff is up for testing on 
> ftp.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de:/pub/linux/powerpc - it's not a final
> version yet, I need to figure out how to have the Debian postinst
> automatically create the /etc/rc*.d symlinks. If someone wants to play
> with it, go ahead. 

I'm testing, seems good on my PB3400.  It's nice being able to have the
network interface cycled automatically, and I added "trackpad notap" to my
wakeup sequence so I don't forget ;)

A few questions --

what is xmouse?  Why is it included?

Also, the gnome battery monitor applet tells me I don't have APM support.
Batmon is okay, but I'd really like to have panel applet battery level.
Is this just not supported yet?


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