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HTTP corruption during install?

[I suggest to discuss the matter on the debian-powerpc list, since I've not 
been able to reproduce the problem on i386.]

Trying to install Debian on a PowerBook G3, with boot-floppies 2.2.13, I 
noticed that retrieving any file by HTTP yields an "error installing file 
drivers.tgz" (or base2_2.tgz. "zcat THEFILE | tar tvf -" shows that it is 
indeed corrupted. Using an HTTP proxy or not changes nothing.

On another Linux machine (a i386), I can retrieve the very same file with HTTP 
clients and there is no corruption. Exporting then this file with NFS, I was 
able to complete the installation.

So, it really seems HTTP transfer in dbootstrap corrupt files. Did anyone use 
it with success?

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