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Re: Xpmac (was: [linux-fbdev] Re: 2.3.99pre7-8 experiences)

> Is there a Debian potato compatible binary of Xpmac out there
> somewhere?  

Well, on my PB3400, I first used Xpmac.rev10, which I got from Kevin
Hendricks site (http://khendricks.ivey.uwo.ca/rage128_usb/) (which is not
responding for me right at the moment) but acceleration on ct6555x is
broken in that release (unaccelerated works fine) so I fell back to
Xpmac.rev9 which I got off the LinuxPPC 2000 CD (so it should be
obtainable at the LinuxPPC.org ftp site).

I installed the binary by hand after installing Debian potato on my
laptop, and just changed the X server name in /etc/X11/Xservers, and it
fired up no problems.


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