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RE: Performa PPC 7100

		Umm,.. to answer your second question,.. A Performa 6400 is
quite a different machine... Its a 604e - could be either 180 or 200 mhz, it
has 2 PCI slots, a 40mhz bus and can hold up to 136mg of RAM in 2 SLots...

		As such, I'd imagine that this Mac should boot Debian,..
it's also still a reasonably quick Mac for general work... (The 603 & 603e
cpus probably won't be supported for OSX, should that be any interest to

   I have the opportunity to buy a used Performa
PPC 7100 (I guess) for a good price. 
   I know nothing about Macintoshes. 
   Is this a true PPC or a m68k?
   Can I install Debian in this machine? 
   Is it a good machine for basic things 
(Latex, X, xfig, ...)?

   Please let me in CC as I'm not subscribe to
the list at this moment.    


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