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Re: New PPC X server alpha (brown paper bag update)

Giorgio Signori wrote:

> Unfortunately, it locks a lot, don't know if it's my fault or not.

It's never your fault :-/

> First, if I turn on glint, X simply won't start.

Be more specific please. If you do _what_? What happens? Have you installed
the -update tarball?

> But more often, the server shhuts down. For example, if I do ctrl-alt-+ to
> switch resolution, it hangs. Also, if I run Afterstep, as I open the menu,
> it hangs. More, if I strat Gnome, it hangs a few seconds after that all the
> windows appear.

I'll have to investigate these, thanks for the report. Unfortunately, I'm
having exams for the next three weeks, so I won't have much time...

> But the strange thing is that if I start X with xinit and in the console I
> start gnome with gnome-session, gnome starts with no problem.
> Here is the log of when the driver crashes using afterstep.

Thanks, can you please send me logs of the two ways of starting GNOME (and
also your XF86Config) privately?


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