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Yaboot vs BootX


just a question about yaboot.
I'm using BootX to boot linux on my powerbook G3 and powermac G4.

Does bootX will be maintained any more ?

Does yaboot or bootX is better ?

My disk is partionning with 4 partitions (1: HFS, 2: sap, 3: ext2
system, 4: ext2 data)

Does i can install yaboot without reinstall linux just by kill HFS
cut it in two other partition and install yaboot in one and macos in
second ?



PS: sorry for my bad english !

Jean-Philippe FASSINO  Tel :  04 76 76 45 52
CNET : DTL/ASR         mailto:jeanphilippe.fassino@cnet.francetelecom.fr

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