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spontaneous reboot?


I think i have just experienced a spontaneous reboot of my BlueG3
running 2.2.15pre3 from Ben's tree...

the machine has been up for about 4 - 6 days (not sure) and this
morning when i got up it was sitting in my OF bootmenu (which does not
timeout) I cannot find anything in the logs that would shed any light
on this, all entries just stop and start again when i booted linux
this morning...  

This machine shares a UPS with my intel box and it was most certainly
not rebooted so this could not have been a power failure..

has anyone else ever experienced spontaneous reboots like this? I have
only seen it when booting kernels with bootX but that occurs very
early in the boot process. I boot with yaboot 0.5.

is there any other possible explanation?  (I have the few services i
have running (sshd) firewalled off as well as properly configured so i
doubt it was a security breach, and i see no other evidence to that..)


Ethan Benson

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