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Re: More on Powerbook G3 install

On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 03:13:00PM -0700, Matt Porter wrote:
> Amen.  I've asked for more help on doing actual boot-floppy builds and 
> testing for a while.  I'm leaving my current employer that paid me to spend
> _some_ time getting Debian ported to PReP and so I did the last build of
> boot-floppies (that is 2.2.x based BTW) that sits in potato now.  My new
> employer isn't going to pay me to spend any time so I hope somebody else
> becomes motivated enough to work on it.  I sure won't have as much time as 
> did before.
> Oh, and the current ppc boot-floppies works damn well good for my PReP
> boxes (maybe not IBM's due to kernel problems).  I also made them work
> for pmac for my Tanzania Starmax box and made the changes available.  
> I guess the problem with pmac is all the demand is going from users who
> are not motivated enough to spend some development time to make their 
> boxes work.

I seem to sense some hostility here.

Anyway I'm going to go see if these newer images I've heard about in that
other site and incoming will come with pdisk or a dinstall that does
something other than show me a 'Your PowerPC architecture is currently
unsupported.' tauntbox and reboot.  Sure, I can go to vt2 and try to do
the install by hand, but what am I really going to do if I can't even
put a linux partition on the disk?  Sure, I can install linuxppc and
then install debian over it or in another partition, but believe it or
not I actually want to help out the debian powerpc floppies by testing
them in a real install, and I only have one machine I can use for that
and not enough disk space on it to waste on two complete linux partitions.
And what's more, I've kept hearing 'expect a new build any time now'.

So now there finally is one (two) and I'm going to d/l and test instead
of wasting more time on threads about why people some of whose
employers are actively hostile to linux and some of whom have no working
powerpc development environment should be helping to test boot-floppies
but should by no means have the nerve to *ask* when people who *do* have
working build environments will build them something to test that
doesn't have known and utterly fatal problems on the machines they have
available to test on--problems that have well-known and easy fixes that
have been discussed to death on this very list.

I'm sorry if my reply offends anyone half as much as the presumption that
I'm a lazy, good-for-nothing whiner offends me.

James Deikun, Techie(tm), CSI Multimedia
The opinions expressed &c.

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